John C.

believing in yourself

Have you noticed the word “Believe” on the wall of the studio? Did it inspire you? Or perhaps you didn’t even think about it because you were more focused on getting through your third set of burpees. But Believe is exactly the right word for our workouts at OTF. 

I’m turning 60 in June. And as someone who has incorporated fitness into their life since my twenties; getting older can sometimes be a scary prospect. Will I be able to do my best and hit it hard when I’m 50 or 60?? Let me be honest, my running times (marathon, half marathon etc.) have declined sharply since my forties. However, I long ago learned that you have a choice: stop racing because you are slower or learn to love the event just for the fun of doing it. 

If you have been a member of OTF even for a short time, you know there are many benefits, but let me share one of the most important: Believe; or more precisely the belief that we can continue to do anything. While there is no way to avoid a decline in our athletic performance, we can still hit it out of the park. For example, people in their 90’s and even over 100 are now setting all kinds of records on the track. They are literally the best in the world at what they do. All of us have the same opportunity to continue to have a high level of fitness even if by our own measures it’s slower than last year. 

The trick is maintaining focus as our times decline and the answer is we have to believe. I am not talking about some kumbaya wishful belief. Real belief is hard; we know when we are lying to ourselves (or we should). 

"To really truly believe we can do something is a gift. OTF is the missing piece to the puzzle to believing we can set records at 100." 

Why? Because what we do at OTF is push ourselves a little further in every workout. The best way to improve is to do it one step at a time. The constant pushing (a word all members should be familiar with) of our boundaries not only creates new accomplishments it teaches us that our goals can always be met and even shattered. 

This happens at OTF not just because Ellen Latham has created a great workout but because our coaches “push” us to achieve more every single workout. And, best of all, doing it together as a group ensures a level of team work and collaboration (even competition) that keeps us coming back. Of course, the great staff at OTF and clean orange studios doesn’t hurt either! 

So, as I turn 60, I believe that in the next 10 years I shall achieve great things in my life because I am willing to push myself for 60 minutes on a Monday morning at 5AM and doing that 3 times a week along with my other workouts will get me there. Thanks to Ellen, Marc and Stacey, the coach and staff at OTF, and most of all to the members that share our journey. We are all better for it: Believe.